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Hello, My name is Basil and I'm a two-year old female Hound mix, but...mostly I'm just a gorgeous girl (I look like I'm wearing a tuxedo) who loves kids, adults and even other dogs with gradual introduction as I am dog selective. I have little patience for small dogs and do better with a calm, larger dog. My foster crates me at first when people come to visit because I tend to jump on them. After a few minutes, I'm let out of the crate and I'm fine with the visitors. I'm potty-trained and I go to the door to let you know that I need to go outside, and I'm even crate trained. I love to sleep in my crate and I'll sometimes go in on my own during the day. I love to play catch with kids and hard toys are my favorite. I even know the commands, "sit, stay, paw and down."  I'm playful and strong and could benefit from a little leash training to learn to control my enthusiasm when on a leash. I've never met a cat so I don't know what my reaction to them would be. A fenced yard would be ideal for my boundless energy. I'm an all-around great family dog for an active, engaged family who wants a young, energetic, happy forever family member and who is past the young puppy training stage. If you are interested in meeting/adopting me, please fill out an online dog adoption application for BASIL.

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