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Ike's Sponsorship Page

Ike is 28 pound terrier mix that has a high energy level who will run and play til he literally "passes out" per his foster family.  He is dog selective and becomes reactive when he encounters a dog larger than himself when leash walking and while off leash at the dog park.  Ike is treat and food aggressive but his foster family works with him on this issue, and his is slowly improving.  He does pull on the leash and he also jumps on people; professional training may be of a benefit.  Ike does shed a whole lot, and the foster does mean a LOT - so those with allergy issues that are interested in Ike would certainly need to spend some time with him to judge the possibility of an allergic reaction.  As Ike has a high energy level, along with jumping up onto people and the leash tugging, we don't recommend placement in a home with toddlers and/or small children.  Cats are a no go as Ike loves to chase them!!!

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