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Royal Palm Beach, Fl 33421
(561) 684-1010
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Pilots n Paws...our angels in the sky

We wish to THANK YOU deeply

For everything you do

The driving, and the caring

Flying in the skies of blue


Volunteering to take flight

Showing your concern and devotion

To the innocent animals plight

LOVE for the animals

Is something we all share

But the FLYING that you do

Goes way beyond compare

Justin Bartlet Animal Rescue

Look upon you with GRATITUDE and AWE

We appreciate the efforts Of EVERYONE at Pilots N Paws


 3-12-12, Valdoasta, Ga. to Lantana, Fl, via Captain David.

Welcome to a very pregnant Doxie, Sasha!     


Valdosta, Ga. via Capt. David

Valdosta, 6-3-12

Valdosta, Ga. via Captain David 6-3-12


BIG SALUTE to wonderful Pilot N Paws pilot, Patrica Picornell who flew our sweet older gal Suzie from Bainbridge, Ga shelter along with a pick up in Valdosta, Ga of a pregnant Doxie down to West Palm Beach/Melbourne area to 2 rescues waiting! Thanks Tara of CCFA for taking Suzie and Thanks Peter of Justin Bartlett Animal Rescue for taking the soon to be momma and for helping keep Suzie safe until she can get to Tara. HUGS to beth for getting our girl to the airport on time. YOU are ALL soooo appreciated! Especially by the future owners of these special babies!