Justin Bartlett Animal Rescue
P.O. Box 210572
Royal Palm Beach, Fl 33421
(561) 684-1010
Needs Foster   |  Birds: 2   |  Cats: 82   |  Dogs: 243

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Wish List!

We can’t do this without you!

New or used items are welcome!

Clean out your house! Check with friends and family! Organize a supply drive!

In addition, if you'd like to shop online, here is a link to our Amazon Wish List: http://amzn.com/w/3KVGRVQ6OBWNJ

We are currently seeking sponsors to contribute to our MASH Unit ( Mobile Animal Surgical Hospital ) 
Surgical table, Prep table, Anesthesia equipment, Centrifuge, Stainless steel crates, miscellaneous equipment
***Once completed, it will offer low cost spay / neuter services as well as routine clinics to the community ***




v     Dry dog food (adult and puppy)

v     Wet Food (Puppy)

v     Puppy formula

v     Stainless Steel Bowls

v     Collars, Leashes,  

v     Crates

v     Puppy Play Pens

v     Baby Gates

v     Toys (new, or like new)

v     Flea, tick, heartworm                   prevention

v     Treats

v     Dog Beds



v       Dry food (adult and kitten)

v       Wet food (kitten only)

v       Wee Wee pads

v       Soft baby blankets

v       Scratching post, cat tree, etc.

v       Toys

v       Litter Box

v       Kitty Litter (scoopable)

v       Litter Scoop

v       Ferret Hammock 

v       Cat bed

v       Treats, cat nip, etc.



v     Newspaper

v     Paper Towels

v     Clorox

v     Blue Dawn Soap

v     Pet Shampoo

v     Old blankets, towels, small rugs,          comforters

v     Trash Bags

v     Lunch Cooler (soft)

v     Ice Pack

v     Monetary Donations

v     Gift Cards:
       Pet Stores,  Costco, Gas Station,        Walmart, etc.