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Please consider sponsoring a dog or cat, in our foster program.  This can be a one time sponsorship, or a recurring monthly donation, until the pet is adopted.  Sponsorship money will help provide medical care, feed, groom, train, and also purchase misc. itmes (bowls, pens/crates, beds, toys) based on the specific animal's needs.  If you are interested in sponsoring a nursing mom and her family, just click sponsorship under the mom's profile.

Click to view our list of animals who need sponsors!

Consider providing ongoing support to our animals in foster care:

Click to here to select our JBAR Mascot for a recurring sponsorship.  You choose the amount, the duration, and the frequency.  Funds will continue to be applied to the next urgent animal in need. 

Help us save more homeless, neglected, abused, and abandoned animals from becoming victim to shelter euthanasia